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Want to become an effective and confident presenter?

NEWLY UPDATED! This course help will you master your presenting skills at work. You'll learn this in 4 parts + bonus section designed to maximize your training:

  • Part 1: Develop a confident mindset

  • Part 2: Structure your presentation

  • Part 3: Deliver an outstanding presentation

  • Part 4: Engage with your audience

  • Bonus: Master Virtual Presentations

Learners love this course!

“I was able to have some clear takeaways such as creating a story in the presentation and not burying the lead. I was able to apply these two learnings right away during a team meeting and felt the level of my presentation was stronger because of what I learned from Jessica!” 

- Ricardo D., Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn

What's included in this online program?

You will have 100% access to easy-to-follow videos, PDF cheatsheets, and summaries to guide you on your course. Plus, you have access to the materials for life. You can retake the course for free each year, for as long as the course exists.

  • 12 interactive videos + 2 bonus videos to view on your computer or on your phone/tablet at your own pace

  • 3 detailed PDF worksheets to guide you in crafting your presentation

  • Key tips and animations to help you retain the material

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Love for this course!

“I am a professional working in a customer facing role so I am required to be confident in what I share with others. I had a hard time doing it since anxiety would not let me think straight. But thanks to this course which not only talks about how to structure your material but also how to get over the fear of speaking in front of intimidating audience. I would recommend this course to anyone." - Pallavi K.

Meet Jessica Chen

  • Jessica Chen

    Jessica Chen

    Jessica Chen is an Emmy-Award winner, top virtual keynote speaker, and CEO of the global business communications agency, Soulcast Media. The company trains Fortune 500 companies, global teams, and individuals on presentation, executive presence and communications messaging. Her client list includes the CDC, LinkedIn, Medtronic, HP, DraftKings, and many more. Prior to starting Soulcast Media, Jessica was a broadcast television journalist. She has been awarded an Emmy-Award for her work at ABC 10News and multiple Associated Press Awards. Jessica is also a top LinkedIn Learning Instructor where her communications courses have been watched by over 1 million learners and featured on Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Recently, her teachings on executive presence was ranked by LinkedIn as #1 most watched by global leaders.

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    Soulcast Media is an award-winning communications training agency working with Fortune 100 companies, teams and individuals. We provide leadership communication workshops to elevate people's speaking and improve workplace productivity and collaboration. 💡 Past Clients: Google, HP, Medtronic, Draftkings, LinkedIn, Harvard Business School, CDC, KPMG, Marsh and Mclennan....many more! 💡 Past Clients: Google, HP, Medtronic, Draftkings, LinkedIn, Harvard Business School, CDC, KPMG, Marsh and Mclennan....many more!

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“I found the course to be extremely informative, carefully thought out. I feel it has given me the tools that I need to make coherent, interesting and effective presentations.”

Ben LawlorBen Lawlor

“Such a simple and effective course! So glad I came across this!”

Karan M.Karan M.

“Really well put together course! Some really good ideas to try at work.”

Ruchi B.Ruchi B.

“Jessica had a top-notched presentation about personal branding and storytelling - with clear logics and step-by-step instructions the audience (the entrepreneurs) learned how to start off.”

Shao-Hua Wu, CEO | N3XTConShao-Hua Wu, CEO | N3XTCon

“Jessica's prolific career in journalism results in a media package that is grounded, compelling and real.”

Cathryn Posey, CEO of Tech | SuperwomenCathryn Posey, CEO of Tech | Superwomen