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Want to master your executive presence and communications skills on video?

Whether you're selling a product or presenting an idea, this course with help level-up your online communications skills such as:

  • Boosting your video presence

  • Tailoring your communications approach

  • Engaging with stakeholders

By taking this course, you will master:

  • Developing your executive presence

    10 interactive videos to view on your computer or on your phone/tablet at your own pace.

  • The communications journey

    Apply storytelling with your communications so what you say and what you sell is memorable.

  • How to engage

    You'll learn how to re-engage your prospective clients if you sense doubt. We'll also share how to master the close.

What's included in the online program?

You will have 100% access to easy-to-follow videos, worksheets, and summaries to guide you on your course. Plus, you have access to the materials for life. You can retake the course for free each year, for as long as the course exists.

  • 10 interactive videos to view on your computer or on your phone/tablet at your own pace

  • Key tips and animations to help you follow along

  • 10 high-level summary text of each course

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"Valuable information, helpful practice activities, clear explanations, accurate course descriptions, engaging delivery, knowledgeable instructor"

-Vijaya C.

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Meet Jessica Chen

  • Jessica Chen

    Jessica Chen

    Jessica Chen is an Emmy-Award winner, top virtual keynote speaker, and CEO of the global business communications agency, Soulcast Media. The company trains Fortune 500 companies, global teams, and individuals on presentation, executive presence and communications messaging. Her client list includes the CDC, LinkedIn, Medtronic, HP, DraftKings, and many more. Prior to starting Soulcast Media, Jessica was a broadcast television journalist. She has been awarded an Emmy-Award for her work at ABC 10News and multiple Associated Press Awards. Jessica is also a top LinkedIn Learning Instructor where her communications courses have been watched by over 1 million learners and featured on Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Recently, her teachings on executive presence was ranked by LinkedIn as #1 most watched by global leaders.

"Valuable information, helpful practice activities, accurate course descriptions, engaging delivery, knowledgeable instructor"

-Bhat N.

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