Soulcast Media offers a variety of online communications programs designed for the busy professional. We have compiled the three online courses we have to offer so you can watch a video from each course. Our goal is to give you a feel of the distinct offerings and looks per program.

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Course 1: Powerful Presentation Strategies

12 Videos - 5 minutes each

  • Structuring Your Presentation
  • Non-Verbal Communications
  • Building Your Confidence 
  • PDF Worksheets included to engage the students + a PDF for formating your public speaking

Course 2: Art of Communicating Express Program

9 Videos - 9 minutes each

  • Breaking Mental Barriers
  • Speaking with Confidence
  • Storytelling in Conversations
  • How to Give Constructive Feedback
  • PDF worksheets to engage students

Course 3: Mastering Non-Verbal Communications

7 Videos - 4 minutes each

  • Choice of Words
  • Body Language
  • Tone of Voice
  • Using the Stage
  • Reading an Audience
  • PDF worksheets to engage students + Printable flashcards

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What others are saying about Jessica

“Even though I had experience in presenting, I was able to have some clear takeaways such as creating a story in the presentation and not burying the lead. I was able to apply these two leanings right away during a team meeting and felt that the level of my presentation was stronger because of what I learned from Jessica.”

Ricardo D, Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn LearningRicardo D, Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Learning

“I thought the program was excellent and really well thought out in terms of having a logical sequence of issues that face everyone, as well as practical ways to deal with them immediately. Being able to communicate remotely also made it accessible and good practice for dealing with virtual team members as well, which came as an added bonus.”

JP, Banking Regulatory Director, KPMGJP, Banking Regulatory Director, KPMG

“Jessica had a top-notched presentation about personal branding and storytelling - with clear logics and step-by-step instructions the audience (the entrepreneurs) learned how to start off.”

Shao-Hua Wu, CEO of N3XTConShao-Hua Wu, CEO of N3XTCon

“A very good course demonstrating the essence of presentation - starting off with a strong story, leading to the journey and ending with a call to action. I also particularly liked the part where a summary is provided in each section to ensure full clarify and easy reference.”

Aerin H., Country Head of OperationsAerin H., Country Head of Operations

“Jessica's prolific career in journalism results in a media package that is grounded, compelling and real.”

Cathryn Posey, CEO of Tech by SuperwomenCathryn Posey, CEO of Tech by Superwomen

“I am grateful to have Jessica and her team as my partners. They are professional, down to earth, and actually really care about you as a person, you are not just a number.”

Grace Redman, CEO of Dare to AchieveGrace Redman, CEO of Dare to Achieve